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Peter Corbet of Caus

Peter succeeded his father in 1300 and died in 1322.

He fought at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298, and was was prominent in the Scottish campaigns: he was probably at Bannockburn, 1314.

It is also likely that he was at the Battle of Boroughbridge, 1322, the year of his death.

Peter appears in the following rolls:

The Falkirk Roll, H 27; Glover's Roll, B 198; The Camden Roll, D 64 and St George's Roll, E74

In these rolls, he bears:

Or two ravens in pale sable

Roger Corbet, died 1290, in St George's Roll, E 497 bears or three ravens sable; Thomas Corbet, died 1300, in St George's Roll, E 499, bears or six ravens a canton gules two lions passant gardant in pale argent

In the last coat five ravens are visible.
The arms are canting, doubly so for Peter: Corbet, from French corbeau, crow, and a play on Caus, caws.