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John de Havering


John served in the Welsh campaigns and was present at the Battle of Falkirk.

He died in 1309.

John appears in The Falkirk Roll, H89, where he bears

Argent a lion rampant gules collared or


Richard de Havering, in E660, bears

Argent a lion rampant double queued gules

The last named has the lion double queued of the seal, whereas John's arms, at the Battle of Falkirk, are blazoned without the double queue and collared.

I strongly believe that originally the lion double queued in all arms was merely an artistic flourish, and that there was no difference from arms drawn with the normal tail. It was not until later that the double queue was made into a formal part of some arms.

I have no explanation for the collar in John's arms, which appears in The Falkirk Roll, and seems to be present on the seal.