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Bogo de Knovill



Bogo served in the expeditions against the Welsh, and died in 1307.

He appears in the Camden Roll, D218, where he bears

Gules three mullets or



Elsewhere, in St George's Roll, E668 & The Galloway Roll, GA140, Bogo de Knoville bears

Gules six mullets or a label azure


and in The Stirling Roll, ST23,

Gules three mullets or a label azure semy de lis or



These may be the sons of the first Bogo.


Guillaume de Quenouville, bears the same arms in The Wijnbergen Roll, WN375, and

Jean de Quenouville, in The Wijnbergen Roll, WN388, bears

Or three mullets gules



Gilbert de Knovill, died 1314, bears, in St George's Roll, E674

Argent three mullets gules