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Almeric de Saint Amand


Son of Almeric de Wodehay.

Was present at the siege of Caerlaverock, and died in 1310 without issue.

Almeric, or Amaury, appears in the following rolls:

The Caerlaverock Poem, K 45, The Galloway Roll, GA71 and St George's Roll, E 165

In these rolls, he bears:

Sable fretty or a chief of the field three bezants

However, in Glover's Roll, B 199, he bears:

Argent fretty on a chief sable three bezants

blazoned as
d'argent frette de sable au chief de sable od trois myrrours d'or en le chief.
I have not encountered the use of myrrours, mirrors, in blazon elsewhere.

There is a confusion between the tincures which is unresolved.