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John le Strange


On the shield and the caparison, two lions passant

In 1287, he was under the command of Roger le Strange in the Welsh campaigns, and was present at the siege of Caerlaverock.

John le Strange appears with two different coats in the following rolls:

Gules two lions passant gardant argent

in The Caerlaverock Poem, K6; St George's Roll, E150 and The Galloway Roll, GA77


Argent two lions passant gules

in Glover's Roll, B165 and The Camden Roll, D74


It seems as though these were the arms of the same person. The date of death in each case is known as 1309, and the rolls in which the two coats appear do not coincide.

Fulk le Strange bears both of these arms in rolls not yet published in this work, and was the son of Robert, below.

John le Strange, the son of this John, bears in B166:

Argent two lions passant gardant gules a label azure

Hamo le Strange, in St George's Roll,E174, bears the arms with the field gules.

Robert le Strange, the father of Fulk above, and who died in 1276, bears in St George's Roll, E194:

Gules crusilly and two lions passant gardant argent

Roger le Strange, died 1311, in St George's Roll, E220, and John le Strange, in The Galloway Roll, GA 185, both bear:

Gules two lions passant argent a bordure indented or

It appears as though the family of Le Strange at this period had not decided upon the tinctures of their arms.