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Theobald de Verdon



Known also as Verdun. His grandfather was Theobald le Boteler, who took the name of his wife, Roheses de Verdun. Son of John, who was also known as Boteler.

He served in the wars against Wales and Scotland.

Theobald who died 1309, appears in St George's Roll, E103.

His father, John de Verdun, who died 1274, appears in Glover's Roll, B90

In these rolls, they both bear

Or fretty gules

Theobald, the son of Theobald above, died 1316, appears in the following rolls: The Falkirk Roll, H45; The Stirling Roll, ST82, and The Camden Roll, D62. In these rolls he bears

Or fretty gules a label azure

The label was bornes because at the time his father was still alive.

There is a Theobald de Boteler, who died in 1285, and who appears in St George's Roll, E665, in which he bears

Or a chief indented azure

However, I do not know if he is a member of the same family as Verdun.