The Heralds' Roll

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Nos 651 - 697


651 Willem Anguylon

Azure a fleur de lis argent


William Aguillon


652 Randulf de Stupham

Argent three crescents and a canton gules


Ralph de Stopham


653 Hamo Bonet

Checky gules and or a chief azure


Hamo Bonet


654 Hugh de Buci

Or three water bougets azure


Hugh de Bussey


655 Richard de Ore

Argent three bars azure a bend gules bezanty


Richard de Ore


656 Hereberd de Burherse

Gules a lion rampant or a label azure


Herbert de Burguersh


657 Willem de Bodiham

Argent a bend dancetty per bend dancetty or and azure a bordure gules bezanty


William de Bodham


658 Simon de Sumery

Azure fretty argent on a canton or a fleur de lis gules


Simon de Somery


659 Roger le Couvert

Gules a fess ermine in chief two mullets or


Roger le Covert


660 Robert Lyvet

Argent crusilly gules a lion rampant sable


Robert Livet


661 Richard de Esburnehame

Gules a fess argent in chief three mullets or


Richard de Ashburnham


662 Water Giffard

Azure three lions passant gardant argent crowned or


Walter Giffard


663 Robert Bertram

Gules a fess or


Robert Bertram


664 Willem Martyn

Ermine three bars gules a label azure each point charged with three bezants


William Martin


665 Willem Latymer

Gules a cross patonce or


William le Latimer, who also appears in The Falkirk Roll, H64; The Caerlaverock Poem, K70, St George's Roll, E158 & The Galloway Roll, GA176


666 Waryn Martyn

Ermine three bars gules


Warin Martin


667 John Moun

Gules a maunch ermine with a hand argent holding a fleur de lis or


John de Mohun


668 John de Mandevile

Quarterly argent and azure a bordure vair


John de Mandeville


669 Willem Langayne

Gules crusilly a fess dancetty or


William de Engaine


670 Johannes Langayne

Azure crusilly a fess dancetty or


John de Engaine


671 Robert de Grymeles

Or on a cross gules five mullets of the field


Robert de Grindale


672 Robert de Crues

Azure semy of escallops argent two bendlets or


Robert de Cruse


673 Peres de Bedingfeud

Gules an eagle displayed ermine


Piers de Bedingfield


674 Nichol de Wancy

Gules three gloves argent


Nicholas de Wancy


675 Water de Helyone

Or three stag's heads sable


Walter de Helion


676 Peres de Leham

Gules a swan argent


Piers de Layham


677 John de Wautone

Gules on a chief argent three tourteaux


John de Wootton


678 Nicole de Cryel

Per chevron embowed or and gules three annulets counterchanged


Nicholas de Criol


679 William le Peyferer

Argent six fleurs de lis sable


William le Peyferer


680 Hugh de Windlesore

Gules a bend vair


Hugh de Windsor


681 Rauf de Levelond

Sable three bear's heads argent


Ralph de Leaveland


682 Henri Malemayns

Gules three hands or


Henry Malmains


683 Nichole de Ore

Ermine a cross gules fretty or


Nicholas de Ore


684 Wiilem de Seyn Cler

Gules a fess argent between three boar's heads or


William de Saint Clare


685 Roger de Romenal

Or two chevrons on a canton gules three leopard's heads of the field


Roger de Romenal


686 Johannes de Snaves

Sable a bend between six lions rampant argent


John de Snave


687 Thomas de Sandwyz

Or on a chief azure three lions rampant argent


Thomas de Sandwich


688 Bertelemeu de Moristone

Argent on a chief gules three birds or


Bartholmew de Murston


689 Rauf Savage

Ermine a chief azure three lions rampant or


Ralph le Savage


690 Yvun de Schillinghelde

Azure six leopard's heads or


Yves de Chilham


691 Willem de Merewerthe

Argent crusilly sable a chevron gules


William de Mereworth


692 Aleyn de Tuytham

Argent three cinquefoils sable


Alan de Twytham


693 Johannes de Pecham

Azure six annulets or


John de Peckham


694 Robert de Huham

Argent five chevrons sable


Robert de Hougham


695 Johannes de Bykenor

Argent on a chief azure three lions rampant or


John de Bicknor, who also appears in The Galloway Roll, GA9


696 Willem le Jon

Argent three lions rampant sable


William le Jone


697 Martel

Or three mallets gules


Richard Martel