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Herminium monorchis

Synonyms: Herminium clandestinum, Ophrys monorchis
Common names: Orchis musc, Orchis à un bulbe, Herminie, Musk orchid, Kleine Einknolle, Honigorchis, Orchidea muschiata

Herminium monorchis is a small and discreet plant often growing in colonies due to its vegetative reproduction by stolons.

2 to 3 leaves are at the stem bottom. The cylindrical spike bears very small and hanging flowers, yellowish green, and exhaling a strong and pleasant honey fragrance. Sepals and petals form a tight sheath, from which a trilobate label emerges with a long central lobe. Spur is absent.

Herminium monorchis grows in plain as well as in mountains, in full light and often on humid grass. Flowering from May to August.