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Neotinea tridentata

Synonyms: Orchis commutata, Orchis tridentata, Orchis tridentata subsp. commutata, Orchis tridentata subsp. variegata, Orchis variegata
Common names: Orchis à trois dents, Orchis dentelé, Three-toothed orchid, Dark-winged orchid, Dreizähniges Knabenkraut, Orchide a tre denti, Orchide tridentata

Neotinea tridentata is a quite rare orchid growing in south-west of France that can be found in mountain pastures.

Flowers are small and pinkish with a strongly spotted lip. The helmet shows pink stripes and sepals form easily visible sharp tips.

Flowering season from April to June.

Hybrids with N. ustulata are frequent.

Hybrid with N. ustulata