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Neotinea ustulata

Synonyms: Orchis parviflora, Orchis ustulata
Common names: Orchis brûlé, Burnt orchid, Angebranntes Knabenkraut, Brand-Knabenkraut, Brand-Orchis, Schwarzköpfige Orchis, Giglione annerito, Sipho machiettato

Neotinea ustulata is a beautiful small orchid, quite frequent in mountain pastures, with a bicoloured spike recalling the red extremity of a burning brand.

Leaves are blue-green and not spotted. The spike shows number of flowers with dark red helmets and white lips with purple spots.

Flowering season from May to June.

It is frequent to find hybrids with Neotinea tridentata when the two species are in the same area. It also exists a late-blooming variety aestivalis.

-->Variety aestivalis