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Serapias lingua
LINNE 1753

Synonyms: Serapias columnae, Serapias excavata, Serapias laxiflora var. columnae, Serapias mauretanica, Serapias oxyglottis, Serapias parviflora subsp. columnae, Serapias stenopetala
Common names: Sérapias à languette, Sérapias langue, Greater tongue-orchid, Echter Zungenstendel, Einschwieliger Zungenstendel, Satirio incappuciato

Serapias lingua flowers have a medium size with an epichile rather long and tong-shaped.

Its colour varies around red with clearer area. Lip base carries a glossy blackish purple and undivided hump.

Flowering season lasts from March to June.