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Serapias vomeracea

Synonyms: Orchis vomeracea, Serapias cordigera subsp. vomeracea, Serapias lancifera, Serapias longipetala, Serapias pseudocordigera, Serapias vomeracea subsp. longipetala
Common names: Sérapias à long labelle, Sérapias en soc, Long-lipped tongue orchid, Pflugschar-Zungenstendel, Langlipper Stendelwurz, Bartige Stendelwurz, Lingua lunga

Serapias vomeracea is a rather robust plant, having large flowers and long bracts exceeding flower size.

Epichile is long and narrow with a central part covered of white hairs.

Flowering season from April to June.