SGL - Simple Graphic Layer

I have read many posts looking for easy win32 gui programming.
Not founding a good solution, and considering Win32 is almost fantastic, I decided to fill the gap.

Here is SGL - Features:
- easy Win32 programming (better OOP)
- grid layout with alignmment and padding
- scalable GUI

The available object types are:
- panel
- button
- table (data grid)
- image
- text (edit box)
- OpenGL
- graph
- popups
The mandatory Hello progam is just 12 lines:
    #include "sgl.h"
    int WINAPI WinMain (HINSTANCE hInst, HINSTANCE hPInst, PSTR cmdLine, int cmdShow)
       SGL_Init(hInst, NULL) ;
       HWND panel = SGL_New(0, SGL_PANEL, 0, "SGL", -1, -1) ;
       HWND btn   = SGL_New(panel, SGL_CTRL_BUTTON, 0, "Hello!", 0, 0) ;
       SGL_Layout(panel) ;
       SGL_VisibleSet(panel, 1) ;
       SGL_Run() ;
       SGL_Exit() ;
       return 0 ;
LAST RELEASE:: version 1.3.5 (april 2020)
- bug correction (SGL_Error)

You want to know more: look at the documentation here.
You want to try: use PellesC and download the development kit:
   - either the LIB runtime here.
   - or the DLL runtime here.
The samples of the documentation are here.
More information can be found on the PellesC forum, here

Contact: hserindat (at)