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Mahsa Javaheri

Welcome to my website!

I am Currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at ESC Dijon, Burgundy School of Business

My research interests are Behavioral and experimental economics, Applied Econometrics, Human nutrition, and Food Choice.


Publications and work in progress

  • « Valuing Organic Farming: an Experimental Study of the Consumer », with S. Blondel, Acta Horticulturae. 2004, 655 : 245-252.

  • « Assessment of consumer preferences: an experimental study on acceptance of non-orange carrots », with S. Blondel, E. Geoffriau, and R.Symoneux, Food Quality and Preferences, submitted.
  • pdf
  • « Anomalies et paradoxes dans le cas des choix alimentaires : et si les carottes n’étaient pas oranges ? », avec S. Blondel et Ch. Daniel, Revue Française d’Economie, submitted.
  • pdf
  • « Prices and choices: are the two decisions consistent? », working paper. word