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The books of Jean de Climont and the dissident list are available by clicking on books or directory.


The objectives of this Internet pages is to present the Jean de Climont's position with regard to  philosophy of nature and philosophy of mind.

Philosophy of nature pages present some new developments related to fluid mechanics. They include also analyses of some experimental results, which remain unexplained by the offical paradigm.

Jean de Climont present a new experiment enabling to verify that the magnetic field is always a result of the intrinsic magnetic moment of particles both within magnets and within conductor and particle beams and not of particle motions.

These pages gives access to the dissident database of JdeC associates including about 8000 dissidents. They include also presentation of about 600 alternative paradigms found in the Internet and an historical part explaining the main systems of the world proposed since the Ancient Greeks.

Philosophy of mind pages present the position of Jean de Climont with regard to Analytical Philosophy also known as American School of Philosophy. They include also several essays related to logic, linguistics and hermeneutics, and  historical books explaining the main systems of mind proposed since the Ancient Greeks.