Le Capitole
The  ancient  palace  of  capitouls dates    the    18-th   century.   128 metres in length, as well as the 8 columns of pink marble symbol of the 8  capitouls  in  responsibility, will seduce you by his charm.
La Place Wilson
This  place,  fitted  out  in  19-th  century  by  the  architect Pierre Virebent  was  decorated  in  1898  with  a  fountain  the statue of which represents the poet Pierre Godolin ( 1580-1649 ).

From “La Place Wilson”  shine several major axes of Toulouse as “les allées Roosevelt” or “les allées Jean-Jaurès”.
This  building  was  dedicated  to  the   first   bishop   of    Toulouse  Saturnin  ( Sernin)   who  died   in martyr, attached in Taurus in  250 after JC.  The  basilica  represents  after     Cluny     (destroyed)    the vastest Romanic set  standing.  It  was   at   first   time   restored   by Viollet-le-Duc  between  1860 and 1879, but  works  finished  in 1994 fell  in  the  monument  an  aspect more     corresponding     to     the original Saint-Sernin built among the 11-th and the 13-th century.
Hôtel Dieu
The  Hotel  Dieu  Saint  Jacques  was  the  place of reception and  care  of  the  pilgrims  which  went  to  Santiago  de   Compostela. One notes  the balance of  its construction and its  typical formal garden of the  classic architecture. The entry of the chapel of the 18-th century is decorated with Saint Jacques's statue.

At present, one can visit:

The room Saint Jacques  with  the  wooden  ceiling  of the 17-th century. As well as the room Saint-Lazare  with its walls of bricks and the wooden ceilings.


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