created by Philippe Lamat


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This "championship" stands on 10 weeks (wcc1-2-3-4) or 8 weeks (wcc5-6-7) or 4 weeks (wcc8).

Each week a game is choosen by the coordinator ; you will be able to play and upload your inputs during a period of 7 days.

Like in "formula 1" races, points will reward the six better scores like that :

1st = 10 pts ; 2nd = 7pts ; 3rd = 5pts ; 4th = 3pts ; 5th = 2pts ; 6th = 1pt (10-6-4-3-2-1 was used for wcc1&2)

New in WCC4 : 1 bonus point for the leader at the end of days #2, #4 and #6 (which is max of 3 bonus points to share).

New in WCC6 : other bonus points for accomplishment of special tasks (like winning a certain boss or finishing the game).

The winner will be the one with best total of points at the end of the last week.

Note that it is not required to participate all weeks.


We will use same rules as usual "tourneys" or "knockouts" :

  1. input must be recorded with a secure version : you must use WolfMame (35tg was used for wcc1&2)
  2. input average speed must be over 90%
  3. input must be uploaded in a maximum of 24 hours after recording
  4. settings will be default (except if it is mentioned it is not)


We will use MARP general, you will just have to mention "wcc" in your description box.

If you already have a score on the choosen game and you don't manage to improve it, then you will have to download and keep your old score, then erase it temporarily for a week to play wcc ... you will be able to re-upload old score after the end of the round !