On this page you will find all infos about my pas life into the cool Amiga Demo scene (from 1989 till 1995).

- "Les Shadock" (My second group 1993 - 1995)
- "HAWK" (My First group 1989 - 1993)
- My Others demos
- "BodeRunner" (LodeRunner clone)
- Assembler lessons
- Amiga Links

Last update 5 Sep 2004

Les Shadock Logo
Who are we ?

1993 to 1995 : 'Les Shadock' is (was!) a french AMIGA group composed by some old members of the scene. We all started on A500 around 1987. The official member is :

Oriens (Me) - Coder

Jobo - Coder

Tebirod - Musician
Gfx by Ukko, Rahow.
And some few additionnal coding from our friends Kuma and Sharp.
We are all quite now inactive on Amiga. Everyone has started a professionnal life!
For my own part, I'm now a Game developper, for console systems.
Productions :
Others older productions of Jobo :

Hawk Logo
Who are we ?
1988 to 1990 : 'HAWK' is created from the friendship of two people : ORIENS and JOHNNY-B
* We did together a demo call "Hawk demo". I remember nice long night of coding.
I was still learning code, JohhnyB did graphs and the music (Great work).

  • "Hawk : First Demo" (88) (Download it) 100Ko Demo featuring the "running man"
  • oOo
    * 1 years after we did something huge for us : A complete mega demo.
    "Hawk mega demo" was cool. First part was based on the Terminator intro movie
    Second part featured a remix of the Prince "BatDance" and last part had a
    Shadow-of-the-beast like scrooling. The musics and graphs were still very good.

  • " Hawk : Flight over fight" (8/90) (Download it)1 Disk Mega demo. First place at the Cyclone demo compo. It was the first real Party held in France

  • oOo oOo

    1990 to 1993 : 'HAWK' became bigger coz I met some nice guys and we decide to create something alltogether
    The people who joined us were :
    KREATOR as main graphician. He is a good friend of mine, and he did some excellent piece of works
    TEBIROD as main musician. Lot of its mods are on the net, listen to them and you will understand why I think he has great music power !!
    ACES as graphician. Good graphician comming from Concept with Tebirod.
    WILL as graphician. He helped us with some wondeful gfx.
    MANHUNTER as coder. He helped me to do the second Hawk mega demo.
    ELRIC did all the scans for the "Credits part" in the second megademo.

    In 1992, we release the second Hawk Mega-Demo. Great musics of tebirod, great full screen pics by Kreator
    The intro was a huge paralax scrolling, the first part introduced for the first time animated full screen copper effects, second part
    was classic copper-plasma effect and last part was a kind of movie credits. There is also a secret part somewhere (use the 2 mouse bouttons).

    Others Productions :
    If you want some of this demos, then send me an email at the bottom of this page.
    You can find some on ftp.amigascne.org

    BODE RUNNER The Game

        Bode Runner is a game that I have coded. It's a 'Lode Runner ' clone and it's fast because coded in 100% assembler and AGA with 3 different parallax. It's freeware .


    French Assembler 68000 lessons :
        Written by Oriens. Published in the french diskmag AMIGALEMENT VOTRE

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