From Earth Day to Environment Day

April 22nd to June 5th 2006

What is Earth Day?
what can you do?

What is Environment Day?

What are the problems?
Identify the problems, their causes, the consequences and try and work out the possible solutions.
( analysez aussi les mots, expressions et formes grammaticales utilisées, et ajoutez-les dans la partie vocabulaire et grammaire annexée à vos notes)
Click on the different elements in these pictures:
- sources of carbon dioxide emissions and possible solutions
- sources of water pollution and advices

What are the 3Rs?
- what are the 3rs?
- why the 3Rs?
- Plastic bags
- in Europe
- in the US : recycle center (page for kids)

Other sites with interesting information

Waste management
- Sing along th Cybcler's rap song
- watch the recycle ads on tv
- play online
- household waste management in the UK (with figures and graphs)
- in the US

Good ideas to save energy
Sources of energy loss and solutions
Green choices : what can you do at home in the UK ?
- long :
- short :
Tips to save energy in the US
- short
- ideas
- long
- Home energy checklist

Jiffy's eco-kids : answer the questions and learn how to protect the environment in Europe
Hogbuster : Hunt the energy hogs and learn from the handbook

What is greenhouse effect?
see the picture :
Sources of the environment that contribute to changes in our climate

Hasardous Wastes
Find the toxic wastes in this house : ( to download or see online)
Take the test game and find out how to dispose of them :

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