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Remembering the day martin Luther king Jr. died (CNN Quicknews Sat Apr 4 1998)
Pilgrims remember king by marching in Menphis(CNN Quicknews Sun Apr 5 1998)   (see documents at the end of the page)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day :

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project ( The Scout Report January 1)
Located at Stanford University, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
is producing what will almost certainly become the definitive collection of
the great civil rights leader's writings. When completed, the
fourteen-volume _The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr._ will serve as an
indispensable reference tool for historians of the civil rights movement.
In the meantime, teachers and students can make use of the resources
offered at this site. These include a number of full-text primary documents
(including the "I Have a Dream" speech and the "I've Been To The
Mountaintop" sermon), a general biography, a chronology of King's life, a
recommended reading section, and scholarly articles produced by Project
staff members (under construction). The Project plans to continually add
new documents to the site as they are digitized. Free registration is
required to view the papers, and registered users may choose to be informed
about future site updates and related events. [MD]

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Teacher Stuff - December 30, 1999)
A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.
[ utilisable dès le collège, des biographies simples de MLK d'autres leaders
pour lycée, pas de sons, mais le texte des discours les plus importants de MLK]

Martin Luther King Tribute from Seattle Times (Teacher Stuff - December 30, 1999)
[Pour lycée, moins beau mais plus riche que le site précédent. Voyez
surtout 'electronic classroom' qui propose un quizz et une webquest :
voir aussi les liens vers des documents sur MLK and Black History:
-->   ]

Sur le site anglais de ac-nancy-metz (from <>)
Alain Nowak a mis de nouveaux liens sur King, (dont la chanson de Stevie Wonder,
paroles seulement, mais le fichier midi doit être trouvable), MLK Day oblige , à :
--> Americans 

Black History Month Adventure on line (Blue Web'n Update 2/6/99)
Created by Headbone and sponsored by the History Channel, this Internet
research adventure on the Underground Railroad is designed for classroom
use during the month of February (Black History Month). With a printable
Teacher's Guide, this is one of a series of online adventures that help
teachers integrate the Internet into classroom activities. Participating
classrooms will be eligible to win TVs, VCRs and educational video
libraries. This commercial site includes advertisements.

The Harlem Renaissance -EB  (The Scout Report for Social Sciences February 9)
The Harlem Renaissance, the newest Spotlight feature produced by the
editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica online, celebrates the intellectual
creativity that blossomed in the African-American community in Harlem
during the 1920s. The site is comprised of four main sections, providing an
overview of the era's Literature, Art, Entertainment, and Leadership. Each
section features extensive biographies of important persons and detailed
articles about organizations and events. The site also includes a beautiful
gallery of images; a collection of streaming-media clips of music, poetry,
and commentary; a timeline spanning 1919 to 1929; and a Shockwave file that
provides an interactive tour of the Hot Spots in Harlem during the renaissance. [AO]

This exhibit, showcasing the cultural energy of Harlem  in the 1920's, coincides with the re-release of the EB  Guide to Black History at :

Black in America ( Tue, 9 Feb)
TIME Online's cultural Web report in honor of Black History of Month

The African-American Journey and The Black Press (The Scout Report for Social Sciences 02/09)
As part of its celebration of Black history month, PBS has put together a compilation of PBS sites that focus on the African-American experience. Sites are organized into topics such as History, Politics, People and Video. For educators, a link is provided to PBS Teacher Source, which focuses on The African-American Journey in the Classroom and provides an "A-Z inventory of online activities, teachers guides, and lesson plans designed to highlight African-American history, arts, and famous figures." Central to the site are three featured links, among them one to a new site called The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords. Based on the Stanley Nelson film by the same name, this engaging site gives users an historical overview of the men and women of the Black press. The film, which premiered on Feb 8, 1999, was shown on PBS as part of its celebration of Black
history month and was also accepted to be shown at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. The Website offers a variety of supplemental text and online resources: links to information about four key newspapers and nine noted personalities in the world of the Black press; film clips of interviews with modern journalists; and an interactive timeline that traces important dates and events related to the subject. Users can also take a quiz to test their own knowledge retention and are encouraged to share any stories or memories of the Black press they may have via a pop-up chat window. [REB]
The African-American Journey
The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords [RealPlayer, Shockwave]

Newsletter February 22)
The Road to Freedom: Using the WWW to Teach About Slavery. For black slaves in America, the road to freedom was a long and difficult one. This week, Education World observes Black History Month by providing activities to help your students trace that journey and to learn about some
of the heroes who paved the way to freedom. Included: Activities for teaching about slavery across the grades and the curriculum. [all about slaves and runaways]

MSBET Black History Month Channel (Cool Web Sightings February 20)
MSBET offers a rich collection of resources in recognition of Black
History Month. This month's features include: Everything you never knew
about the real Black Panther Party, Medicine has used a steady stream of
subjects — especially the poor and Blacks —in secret, often dangerous
experiments, It wasn't literally a railroad, but it was the way that
Blacks made tracks for freedom in the mid-19th century and many more features.

Black History Month Activities ( BONUS POINTS February 21)
Lesson plans and resources.

African folk tales and activities (Blue Web'n Update 1/8/98)
Deep in the Bush, Where People Rarely Ever Go Bring African culture alive in the classroom with folk tales and accompanying activities at this creative site. The stories used in this lesson were collected by teacher Phillip Martin while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, West Africa. Included in this site is an extensive teacher lesson page, African recipes, links to other African resources, and ideas for your students to create and produce their own plays.

Quiz :

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