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Compare the films and the book
Chapter 2
Watch the beginning of the trailer of Polanski's version, compare it to the text and anwswer the questions:
trailer :
text : Chapter two and vocabulary
Questions :
- does the master hit him with his stick?
- does the master run after him?
- does "that boy will be hanged" mean the same thing in the trailer and in the book?
Have a look at the different values of "will" ,  then read the end of the text and explain what effect the film director wanted to achieve.
Other questions :
Have a look at a longer version of this trailer and answer those other questions
Now watch this other film version, by Alan Bleasdale, and compare with Polanski's and the book. Which do you prefer?

Chapter 10
Watch teaser n°1 on this page (without the sound)
Describe the scene and write it in your own words (remember to express feelings and describe the actions)
Read the text in chapter 10 and compare with your description.

Victorian Children's life
a webquest:
(some addresses do not work, but the quest is still interesting : just skip the questions with links that do not work.)

What is a workhouse?

About the book
the best site about Dickens : David Purdue's site, recommended on the site of the film
about the book (from Wikipedia and reference)
to download the whole book (free online)   (chapter by chapter, searchable)
CliffsNotes about the book and its social context,pageNum-68.html
from book to film

About child labor
Child labor in nineteenth-century Britain
The victorian poorhouse
Child labor and the industrial revolution (a course for primary school in the UK)
A course in year 10 (US) about Child labor
The Keating-Owen Child labor act of 1916 (US)
Child labor in America

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