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Basic Sound Synthesis and Transformation Techniques (Csound)


    The files below use Csound to implement demonstrations of basic sound synthesis and sound transformation techniques. They are used as examples integrated in courses (CNSMD of Lyons), and rely on verbal introductions and comments, complementary informations, graphs, pictures, etc. Included terse comments are in French. The files are currently used with MacCsound, on Macintosh. French accented characters and line changes may not be correctly displayed under other environments. See adjoining LISP Course for details about Macintosh/PC versions when available.

Additive Synthesis

Amplitude Modulation


Dida Series (Nine progressive Examples introducing some of the basic features of Csound itself)


Frequency Modulation Synthesis

Frequency Shifting

Harmonizing, or Pitch Shifting

Non-Linear Distorsion, or Waveshaping

Ring Modulation




Vercoe, Barry, 1992: Csound Manual, MIT, Media Lab
Boulanger, Richard (ed.), 2000: The Csound Book, MIT Press

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