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Huit pièces pour piano (1968)

Easy piano pieces for children. Publisher: Berandol Music Inc., Toronto, Canada, 1969 (under pseudonym David Laumes, 2 volumes, BER1550-1551 > search "Laumes" )
Vinyl disc Contemporary Music for Young Pianists n° CCM-1

The Dream Laboratory

Radio drama (sound track), text by Paul Green
Vinyl disc Radio-Canada International n° E-1055

"Di mi se mai..."

Ensemble of the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec, Serge Garant, conductor
Vinyl disc Radio-Canada International n° RCI-546


Patrick Wedd, organist
Vinyl disc Séquence, Centrediscs, Toronto, n° CMC-1784

The Other Shape

Robert Leroux, percussionist
Compact Disc Shadow Box, Centrediscs, Toronto, n° CMC-CD 3288

... black it stood as night

Compact Disc Computer Music Currents, Vol. 2, Wergo Schallplatten n° WER 2022-50

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