in a random order :


Doug UNGER, who has been the teacher of some of the best banjo makers in USA, is also a master luthier but unfortunately I don't know of a site on him except what you can find on the site of Hank Schwartz. Many of his intruments can be seen here and there on various sites.

One of the very best Banjo makers in USA who do a marvelous inlay job and engravings, you certainly already know him !

Bob SMAKULA : a good friend known as a master luthier who can repare almost any banjo (guitars too). Sells banjos and spare parts. He also has a good knowlelge of everything related to banjos, and more...

Makes beautiful classical banjos and gourd banjos. Must see !!

An American Gourd Banjo maker who has done a beautiful site on Gourd Banjos full of informations on technique, other makers, and sound clips! Must see !!

From Denmark. Makes plain and very nice sounding banjos on the H.C. Dobson model. His clawhammer playing is also very interesting, very swinging, jazzy and driving...

William LASKIN
One of the best inlay artist in the world, very inventive and technically perfect! He is not working on banjos but certainly could...

A friend who makes very nice sounding mandolines in his home, here in France.

A friend American Banjo collector specialized in early Fairbanks. Also a very good  musician and a wonderful person who has always been very kind with me and my questions ! You should not forget about 2 other main Banjo collectors : Jim BOLLMAN and Pete SZEGO who also have been very helpful with me, to my knowledge unfortunately they don't have a site that would show their uge collection. These 3 people organize the Banjo Gathering every year.

Another American banjo collector whose site is full of informations and images on high quality banjos made between 1875 and 1915, mostly in Boston. Very detailed photos of  beautiful Fairbanks banjos, among others. Unfortunately he died  some time ago...


I don't know this guy but very interesting site, full of pictures of beautiful banjos.

Polo et Nadine BURGUIERE
They live the Old Time way in a wonderful isolated house in Ardèche/France and play fiddle, guitar and banjo in their group Ida Red. You may have met them on one of the American festivals, playing with John Herrmann or/and Meredith McIntosh, their long time friends... Polo also makes some good and simple banjo necks on request. (he made one for Frank Lee).
( La Monde, 07570 DESAIGNES / FRANCE   tel:04 75 06 72 51)

Another banjo luthier (and more) in the area of Poitiers - Limoges - Angoulème in France...  He makes all sort of banjos, 4 or five strings, and Bouzoukis etc...

Nothing to do with banjos on this site. This is my other site where you can see the Mosaïcs I make when I am not making banjos. Too much to do and too little time!...

THE best audio source for Old Time tunes !!!! A uge reference !!!

Introduction to Early Banjo History : 1620 - 1870 a very interesting documentary on the History of the banjo that many Banjo players should know, in my opinion...



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