List of 5th Infantry Division KIAs

in the battle of Chartres




Killed in action of the 5th Infantry Division from August 13 to August 19, 1944 in Chartres area, FRANCE
Tués au combat de la 5ème Division d'Infanterie, du 13 août au 19 août 1944, à Chartres, FRANCE

Headquarters Company, 5th Infantry Division 

Aug 16

Pvt Edward R. Hokins (PH) (Br Cem-O-5-25)


2nd Infantry Regiment

Aug 13

1st Lt Leonard J. Harnes, Jr. (PH) (Br Cem-N-7-21)

Sgt Clarence D. King (PH) (Br Cem-G-2-5)

Aug 15

Pfc Ono A. Wilcken (PH) (Br Cem-D-5-4)


10th Infantry Regiment

Aug 15

Pfc Edward F. Rodecker (PH) (Br Cem-G-15-4)


11th Infantry Regiment

Aug 18 Chartres

Pfc Cecil A. Braxton (BrzS, PH) (Br Cem-B-13-6) "F" Company

Tech Sgt Hobert Cassity (BrzS, PH) (Br Cem-N-5-7) "F" Company

Aug 19

Pfc Robert S. Staples (PH) (Br Cem-B-14-3) "H" Company



BrzS: Bronze Star Medal (or BSM)

DSC: Distinguished Service Cross

SilS: Silver Star

PH: Purple Heart

Br Cem: Brittany Cemetery, Normandy, France

Nor Cem: Normandy Cemetery, Normandy, France

D-13-38: Plot, Row, Grave in cemetery

WOM: Wall of missing




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