Lindvall Algot Linus, Albatross, was born in Lemland, Ĺland, on 23.10.1899 and died there on 10.8.1968.

He made his first voyage in 1919 in the schooner SWIKS.

He then served in the schooner EDNA, barque CARMEN, m v SUNLIGHT and barque KILLORAN.

Linus Lindvall obtained his Master Mariner's certificate in Mariehamn in 1932.

Linus Lindvall then served as Chief Mate of the barquentine ESTONIA, the 4- masted barque OLIVEBANK 4- masted barque HERZOGIN CECILIE and s s DAGNY.

After 1933 he served as Master of the OLIVEBANK PAMIR PASSAT, m v VERA, s s MARIA and s s KIRSTA.

Linus Lindvall rounded Cape Horn 10 times, including as Master of the OLIVEBANK eastwards in 1933.1934.1935.and 1936 and as Master of the PAMIR in 1937.