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My Cellar permits to easy manage your cellar on your android mobile.


-          For each bottle that you populate in your database, you can edit the following information:

         Color, country, years Ö






-          The country, region and appellation are initialized with the common wine. If you donít found your bottle you can add it and customise the list.


-          You can search a bottle in your database by :

o   Scan the bottle barcode (1D or 2D)

o   Consulting ordering by country, color


-          You can directly consume or edit the description by using the menu in the Wine card. When the all the bottle is consume, the bottle is transfer to the history.

-          A 2D barcode generator permits to generate an image and send it by email for printing tag.

About me:

-          I am an android developer and wine passionate. This application is firstly for me for having an up to date cellar. If I have this problematic some others peoples have it. That why I share with you this application.

Contact me:

-          Email :

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@ Copyright 2011 Benjamin Maillard


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