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Matthew FitzJohn

The seal shows per pale three lions rampant

Little is known about Matthew, and research is complicated by the use of Fitz, son of, in the name of a person at the time. His father, John, had a father named Matthew, and was known as John FitzMatthew. In his turn his father was Herbert, and known as herbert FitzHerbert.

Because of this it is usually very difficult to trace a family.

Matthew does not appears in any of the published rolls, but there are

Herbert FitzMatthew, in Glover's Roll, B78, who bears

Per pale azure and gules three lions rampant or


Philip FitzMatthew, in St George's Roll, E306, who bears

Per pale gules and azure three lions rampant ermine

in addition

Reynaud FitzPiers, in Glover's Roll B77, The Camden Roll D135 & St George's Roll, E47, bears

Gules three lions rampant or