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John FitzReginald


John does not appear in the rolls so far, but his father, Reginald FitzPiers, died 1286, appears in the following rolls:

Glover's Roll, B77; The Camden Roll, D135 and St George's Roll, E47...

In these rolls, he bears:

Gules three lions rampant or

Reginald FitzPiers was the son of Peter FitzHerbert, who was himself the son of Herbert FitzHerbert.
Herbert's father would have been Herbert Fitz...

In the thirteenth century, people were usually given the place of their origin as a last name. However, the custom also existed of giving the name of the father to the son, as in the above example. The process rapidly became clumsy and unwieldy, and gradually the idea of the surname came into being. At this time, the use of the names of fathers and places became constant in the family.