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Thomas de Multon

Three bars

Thomas fought in the Welsh wars of 1282-83, and with his father took part in the campaigns in Scotland. Thomas, the father, died in 1294; his son fought at the battle of Falkirk, 1298, and was present at the siege of Caerlaverock in 1300. In 1317, he was in Ireland to defend his lands there against Edward the Bruce.
He died in 1322.

Thomas appears in the The Caerlaverock Poem, K8, where he bears the arms of his father, also Thomas, who died in 1294:

Argent three bars gules

In The Falkirk Roll, H46, he also bears

Barry of twelve argent and gules

Thomas' great uncle, yet another Thomas, who died in 1271, bears, in The Camden Roll, D157

Argent three bars gules a label sable