Collins' Roll

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Nos 301 - 350


301 Ricard de Boys

Barry of six and a chief paly the corners gironny sable and or an escutcheon argent


Richard de Boys, who also appears in The Heralds' Roll, HE625


302 Willam de Cantelou

Gules a fess vair between three leopard's faces jessant de lis or


William de Cauntelo, who also appears in The Falkirk Roll, H73; The Caerlaverock Poem, K69 & The Galloway Roll, GA116


303 Robert Dinaunt

Gules a fess indented ermine a label azure


Robert de Dinant


304 Waryn de le Hyle

Gules a lion passant gardant argent crowned or


Warin de Lisle, who also appears in The Stirling Roll, ST9


305 Jan de Mortimer

Barry of six or and azure a chief of the first two pallets and two girons of the second an escutcheon argent


John de Mortimer, who also appears in St George's Roll, E65 & The Heralds' Roll, HE624


306 Henry de Bailol

Argent an orle gules overall a bend azure


Henry de Balliol


307 Henry de Bruli

Ermine on a bend gules three chevrons or


Henry de Bruilly, who also appears in St George's Roll, E643


308 ---

Argent a pale indented gules


This person has not been identified.


309 William de Mortimer

Gules crusilly of crosses crosslet or two bars vair


William de Mortimer


310 Adam de Blakeburne

Argent three pallets azure a label gules


Adam de Blackburn


311 Robert de Mauley

Or on a bend sable three eagles displayed argent


Robert de Mauley


312 Jan Bigot

Or on a cross gules five escallops argent


John le Bigod, who also appears in St George's Roll, E462 & The Falkirk Roll, F133


313 Ingram de Umfravill

Gules an orle ermine a label azure


Ingram de Umfraville, who also appears in St George's Roll, E410 & The Falkirk Roll, F220


314 William Wythir

Quarterly vair and gules


William Wyther


315 William de Lindeseye

Gules an orle vair


William de Lindsay


316 William de Rye

Azure six crescents or


William de Ryther


317 Gilbert de Lindesey

Gules crusilly or an orle vair


Gilbert de Lindsay


318 Rauf de Gorges

Azure six lozenges or


Ralph de Gorges


319 Robert Pinkenye

Or a fess indented gules


Robert de Pinkeny


320 Estevene le Waleys

Or three bars gules on a canton ermine a bend indented of the second


Stephen le Waleys


321 James de Biron

Bendy of six argent and gules a label azure


James de Byron, who also appears in The Heralds' Roll, HE351


322 Hue de Brok

Gules on a chief argent a lion passant gardant sable


Hugh de Brook


323 Jan de Mounceus

Gules a maunch or


John de Monceux, who also appears in The Dering Roll, A109; The Camden Roll, D211; St George's Roll, E580; The Heralds' Roll, HE228 & The Falkirk Roll, F265


324 Alayn le FilzRouand

Or two chevrons on a canton gules a lion passant or


Alan FitzRoald


325 Robert Burdet

Azure on two bars or six martlets gules


Robert Burdet


326 Jan le FilzMarmaduk

Gules a fess between three popinjays argent


John FitzMarmaduke, who also appears in St George's Roll, E621; The Caerlaverock Poem, GA244; The Stirling Roll, ST42 & The Falkirk Roll, F408


327 Jan de Strivelin

Argent a chief sable three buckles or


John de Stirling


328 Jan de Den

Argent on two bars sable six crosslets or


John de Deen


329 Richard Burdet

Azure two bars or


Richard Burdet


330 Jan de Setone

Or a saltire and on a chief gules three garbs or


John de Seaton


331 Robert de Stafforde

Or on a chevron gules three plates


Robert de Stafford


332 Adam de Cale

Checky or and gules an escutcheon ermine


Adam de Caley, who also appears in St George's Roll, E354


333 William le Strange

Gules ten bezants a chief ermine


William le Strange


334 Simon de Leyburne

Azure six lions rampant argent overall a bordure indented or


Simon de Leybourne, who also appears in The Caerlaverock Poem, GA190


335 Robert de Hausted

Gules a chief checky or and azure


Robert de Haustead


336 Ricard de Wythakyr

Sable three lozenges argent


Richard de Whitacre


337 William de Murdac

Or fretty sable


William Murdak, who also appears in St George's Roll, E390


338 Henry de Appilby

Azure six martlets or


Henry de Appleby, who also appears in St George's Roll, E422 & The Falkirk Roll, F144


339 Philip de Pantone

Argent six bars a canton gules


Philip de Panton


340 Roger de Seint Andreu

Gules six mascles or a label azure


Roger de St Andrew


341 Bernard de Brus

Azure a saltire and a chief or


Bernard de Bruce


342 Miles Pichar

Gules a fess or between three escallops argent


Miles Pichard


343 Walter de Fannecort

Sable a cross patonce argent


Walter de Fanecourt


344 Thomas de Divilstone

Argent on a fess sable three garbs or


Thomas de Dilston


345 Hernald Murdac

Or fretty sable a label gules


Arnaud Murdak


346 Andrew Roussel

Or a chevron azure


Andrew Russell


347 Jan de Ayston

Sable a saltire argent


John de Aston


348 Richard le Waleys

Gules a fess ermine


Richard de Waleys, who also appears in The Dering Roll, A101; The Camden Roll, D226 & The Heralds' Roll, HE249


349 Nicholas de Charnel

Azure a cross indented or


Nicholas de Charnels, who also appears in St George's Roll, E663


350 Jan de Ver

Argent a cross gules


John de Vere