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Chamorchis (L.C.M. Richard 1817) has only one representative in France exclusively growing in the Alps.

Genus Cypripedium (Linné 1753) includes only one species in France. Its two particular fertile stamens, lead to classify it in an autonomous sub-family : Cypripedioideae.

Goodyera (R. Brown 1813) includes only one species in France. Its leaves make a small rosette at the stem basis.

Herminium (Linné 1758) also includes only one species in France.

Spiranthes (L.C.M. Richard 1817) includes many species mainly on the American continent. This genus has a particular helicoidal spike rolling around the stem axis. Only one of the two French species is presented in this website.

Genus Chamorchis, Herminium, Goodyeras and Spiranthes are part of the sub-family Orchidoideae, the two first within Orchideae tribe and the latter within Cranichideae tribe.