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Goodyera repens

Synonyms: Epipactis repens, Goodyera repens var. ophioides, Neottia repens, Satyrium repens
Common names: Goodière rampante, Creeping Lady’s tresses, Kriechendes Netzblatt, Orchidea strisciante, Satirio serpiggiante

Goodyera repens is a small discreet orchid that can be found on damp substrate among dead leaves and moss in the woods.

Leaves are visible the whole year, venation is very characteristic as, unlike other orchids, veins form a whitish net on the leaves. Flowers are small and covered of hairs on the external side. This species particularly likes conifer woods.

Flowering season is late and spreads from July to September.

  The veins form a net on the leaves.

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