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Spiranthes spiralis

Synonyms: Neottia spiralis, Ophrys spiralis, Spiranthes autumnalis
Common names: Spiranthe d'automne, Autumn Lady's tresses, Herbst-Drehwurz, Schraubenblume, Wendel Orchis

Spiranthes spiralis is a small plant of about twenty centimeters high, that can be found in lawns, in full light.

The stem is pubescent, grey-green. Leaves forms very small rosette when blooming. This rosette corresponds to the plant of the next year, this is why the stem is not at the center of the rosette but just on the side.

The spike is white, fragrant, and flowers are characteristically arranged in helix, which can wind in both direction.

Flowering season lasting from August to October, it is one of the last orchids in bloom that can be seen in France in Autumn.

  The stem is not centered on the rosette
The winding direction of the inflorescence of the plant in the middle is inverted compared to the other two plants