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25 March Which language do you want to speak today? Breton
Jañ-Mai DRAPIER has written an article called "Brezhoneg gant KDE" ( Breton [language] with KDE) for the March issue (no. 210) of "Bremañ", the main monthly newsmagazine in breton. The importance of this article resides in the discussion it triggers on how Open Source projects like KDE have a large impact in the way small cultural/lingual groups are better enabled to take part in the current information revolution. It is undoubtly heart-warming for the developers to see so clearly how their work helps to make this world better. Thank you, Jañ-Mai 
4 March International KDE
I had the curiosity to count lately the number of languages in which KDE's interface is translated: 32. This includes Icelandic, Breton, Catalan, Esperanto, Macedonian, Slovak, Slovenian, languages for which only a volunteer/open source project could handle, since there is no cost involved. Also, the documentation is quite well localized for most of the applications. However, help is still needed. Please, take a peak at the How-To-Help page, and if you feel so, give a hand of help. Thanks 

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