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Which preservative may I find in which eye drops?

We made this chart to facilitate your research based on reports than we have received so far. However, please always read the insert from the package of the eye drop or the gel/ointment in any case to confirm that the mentioned preservative is still used (remember that the same drop may exist in without preservative, unfortunately that's seldom the case). We only mention dry eye (and wound healing), glaucoma and allergy drops in this chart.


Preservative (check synomyns)

Eye Drop

Benzalkonium chloride, BAK, BAC

Acular*, Allergodil, Azopt, Betagan, Betoptic, brimonidine .2%, Euronac, Combigan, Cosopt HypoTears, Duotrav, Iopidine, Kunstig tårevæske PVA (Optha- Norway), Lacrinorm, Liquifilm, Livostin, Lumigan, Oculac (Norway)*, Opatanol (Europe), Patanol (US/Canada), Pataday™,  Pilopine-HS, Propine, Purivist, Travatan, Timolol, Timoptol, Trusopt, Visine Tears, Vexol, Xalatan*, Xalacom, Xibrom, Zaditen*, Zaditor*, etc

Cetremide or Cetrimonium Chloride Civigel, Lacrifluid, Lacrigel, Viscotears
Chlorobutanol Lacrilube, Tears Plus
EDTA (or Na2EDTA, ededate disodium) Acular*, Betagan, Clinitas ultra 3, Dakrina, Dwelle, Euronac, Purivist,
Polexitonium (polyquarternium-42) Clinitas ultra 3, Dakrina, Dwelle, Freshkote,
Polyhexamethylene Biguanide (PHMB) Soothe
Polyquad Tears Naturale [!],Systane*
Purite, SOC Refresh Tears
Silver sulfate Similasan°
Sodium perborate or GenAqua® Thera Tears, GenTeal*
Thiomersal Pilocarpine

* exists in preservative-free vials in some countries to our current knowledge.

° Depending on the drop a PF version may be available or not, pink eye, computer  and stye eye relief (no PF), dry eye and allergy relief (PF version). Some drop expiring before 2008, contain another preservative: Sodium silver chloride complex

please send us any relevant info on preservatives (including package inserts) to complete our charts! Thank you!

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This is what we call the 'Preservative Paradox!

Preserve our Eyes, not our Drops!

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