IOM World Championship 2007
Y C P R   MARSEILLE ( France )
Du 13/10/2007 au 20/10/2007



Saturday 20 october :
Races & final résults  
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Friday 19 October :   20 races


Thursday 18 October  :   16 races
Thursday morning saw the best wind direction in the regatta so far, allowing a start to leeward with a long beat and the finish further to windward and a steady No 1 suit breeze for the first race. The wind strength quickly rose to 15 – 25 km/hr at rig height and then again to 20 – 30 km/hr putting all but the bravest into No 3 suit. This made for the fastest and most spectacular sailing so far but the occasional gusts and lulls provided many opportunities for gain or loss.
Lorna Bantock


Wednesday 17 October - Lay day


Tuesday 16 October : 12 races
Wind from North easterly direction, but with shifts; 8 - 12 knots speed. Skippers remain generally courteous. There were a few protests yesterday which led to delays but both race committee and skippers seem to be getting into a groove.
The Race committee has initiated a ‘Black Flag’ rule after two general recalls to keep skippers behind the line. Twenty boats on the line with opportunity for six to move up seems to make some skippers over zealous.
It is sunny and warm at 23-25°
Good racing. More to come.
Lana Butler


Monday october  15 : 7 races
Racing started this morning with Race 4 heat C and is continuing with a good breeze and plenty of sun. The forecast is for stronger wind later today and in the next few days which should help the pace of racing. LB


Sunday  October 14: 3 races
11h30 Racing started at 10h30 with the first seeding race (fleet E). The wind is stronger and the seeding races are proceeding (Lorna Bantock)  
Start of racing postponed due to lack of wind (Lorna Bantock)
08h00 Skippers' briefing


13 oct :  Concurrents    Repart 1