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(No more apologies)

I know the date appears at the bottom of the page but anyway, today is 09/07/2006, OK ?

Latest gigs reviewed : Sleater-Kinney and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Some gigs I tragically missed, not much going on or foreseen.

New  : a couple of  free tracks.


I may or may not finish 4th quarter 2005 CD review, we'll see, and the top 20 too. And there's a good chance I'll stop the review altogether, maybe just concentrate on doing a top 20 at the end of the year ? Depends how courageous or opinionated I feel over the next few days.

Also coming soon possibly : rubbish photos ? Yeah I keep saying it, but I may eventually get my head 'round to putting some of the photos taken during 2005. Not sure there's anything worth a look though.

Well maybe some photos from Dubai will make it here, though I think I might just link to a photobucket rather than embed them here.

Music Reviewed and rated...    That's just the transcript of quarterly reviews that I'm sending to some people.

Gigs I've been to or am planning to go to.    A very vain attempt at tracing all the gigs I'm going to, with a few words for each. Actually, few are getting very many these days.

Tracks of the ***** (there's no real frequency to that now) :

- The lovely latest singles from The Hot Puppies : The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful, for some summer vibrations.

- A growing, growling and fantastic B-side from The Noisettes : Rifle Song.

Band of the moment : The Noisettes. Go see them live if you get a chance, and you'll understand what I mean.

Links :   Some useful and very futile links I check sometimes.

Red Haired Goon  :  I tried my hand at music and didn't quite succeed..

Photos  :  Some nice pictures of my very unfrequent travels.

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