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Aug 2012 :
I've bought a floppy emulator (HxC at Lotarek). It works on many computer like Amiga, Amstrad and C64. Sadly C64 have non standard floppy interface, so need to plug the emulator on a 3,5 C64 drive (1581). For Amiga, all is standard, very simple to plug. For Amstrad, connector are also non standard so a cable need to be done. I've done one, you can see it there.

Apr 2006 :
I have some tapes of the amateur programs proposed in the very famous french magazine HEBDOGICIEL.
I have 7 tapes and I succedeed in exctracting the programs from them (yeahhh). The programs are : "Tron", "Floyd" , "Swingy", "Space", "EditCar", "C'est_la_vie" (It's life), "Belote" (French card game), "SpriteAnimation", "RockFall", "Duels", "Sideral", "FireInTheZgy", "LorryDriver", "LarryCatFall", "FChar", "Xeres", "MusicMachine", "KeyMouse", "La Folie de l'or" (Gold Madness), "JplWindow", "Horloge", "Flys_Revenge".
Last tape contains some more programs : "Gnafu", "Space Panic", "Backgammon", "Winner-poker", "Space Helicopter", "Intercepteur", "Chateau", "Frogi", "Othello", "Break-out", "Survie", "Nibbler".

You can download them here : C64_JeuxHebdo6Tapes.zip C64_JeuxHebdoSpecial.zip

 Would have been sad to loose them forever. I did not find any trace of these program on gamebase64 or any place on the internet.

How to transfer a C64 tape on a PC ?

 First plug a tape player on your PC sound input and record the whole tape. I sampled the tape with high volume, near to saturation. Same your sound to a MONO WAV PCM file. Then use "wavprg" program to extract PRG from tape raw file. If wavprg complain for errors, try to filter the wav file. I used CoolEdit to remove noises. WavPrg was ok for the first tape, but not the 6 next. In fact only a small boot program was found on the tapes. That boot program load data directly from tape. This can not be extract as PRG file (maybe yes, but I do not how). So I try another software : "wav2tap" This one convert a full raw tape into a full raw tap format called ".tap". This is supported by VICE (and PSPVice of course :) ) This way I extracted all the 12 tapes sides of my tapes.

Nov 2005 :

PROG : I worked on PSPVICE, the port of VICE emulator on PSP. Result is quite nice even if there is lot of work to do. Check the page here : THE PSPVICE HOMEPAGE

Jul 2005 :
GAMES : Few times ago, I was thinking about what the C64 has brought in VideoGame History. There are lot of great  games on C64, but which have been created for the C64 ?

After some researches (and help from the guys of lemon64, thanks), here is ...


Mar 2005 :
EMULATION : I've just seen that there is a new filter into WinVice, which allow to smooth pixel when x2 zoomin (scalex2).

That gave me an idea : Why not enhancing the number of color by detecting the pixel pattern on screen.

So I coded the filter that enhance color and the results are pretty cooooool. You can have a look at my work there : COLOR ENHANCEMENT FILTER PAGE

Sept 2004 :
PROGRAMMING : My demo runs on a C64 !!!! That's tremendous. Everything is ok and the result is exactly the same as on the emulator (even the bugs are the same).

Sept 2004 :
TRANSFERING FILE FROM PC TO 1541 : I finally succeded transfering my demo on a C64 floppy disk (recording on a tape was a failure). Following advices from JOE FORSTER, I ran STAR COMMANDER under DOS (StarCommander do not work with Windows XP). I used a DOS 6.22 BOOT floppy. There is enough space on the floppy to copy SC and the .D64 file I wanted to transfer. Transfer also format the disk. So using a amiga 5 1/4 disk is ok.

Sept 2004 :
I finally found my "Lazarian" cardwridge. I got it until 1985 and it is still working although I never took care of it. I'll now be able to test my not working C64 and see if the problem come from the RAM (using a cardwridge disable the C64 ram). The game is short but fun.

Jul 2004 :
GAMES : I bought games on Ebay for a really nice cheap price. BARBARIAN II (The box is cool) BIGGLES (I really like that game and its music) THAI BOXING and some 10 others.

Fev 2004 :
MUSIC : I bought the second album of "PRESS PLAY ON TAPE"(PPOT) The C64 revival band. It is called "RUN/STOP RESTORE" and count 18 tracks. I specially like the acapella version of DEFENDER OF THE CROWN, the light version of COMIC BAKERY, THE WAY OF THE EXPLODING FIST (I always love TWOTEF remixes!), FAIRLIGHT, STARPAWS, FLIMBO'S QUEST. You can hear some extract there.

Nov 2003 :
PROGRAMMAING : When I was 12 I never succeded in programming the C64 (I mean real programming in asm). I did not have any assembler software.
So I decided to code a C64 intro (I'm 30 now, better late than never). I found a really good software on PC that allow cross compilating C64 code. It is Relaunch64 from Daniel Lüdecke. I read my books about C64 asm and found examples on the net. Few weeks and lot of hard work later, here is my intro. It is composed of a scrolling, a logo, some rasters and a wave effect at the bottom. The sourcecode is here. Here is a D64 disk image file with the demo (here).

Nov 2003 :
A friend of mine ("dede") just gave me a complete C64 (C64 + tape + 1541 + printer + docs + games + 2joystick). That's really nice from him. Unfortunatly the C64 is broken. When turning it on, there are colors flashing. My Old C64 is also broken so I can not run anything. Another friend of mine lend my a broken C64 (that's why there are 3 C64 on the picture) so I can pick up chips to fix my C64 (the one with the flashing bars). Few Days after I bought some games and books on Ebay. Oh god, I guess I'm starting a collection.
On pictures you can see tapes of "The Way of the exploding fist / Blue Max / Beach Head II" and floppies of "Commando / Last Ninja / Rambo / Epix collection incl Winter Games & Impossible mission".

If you like to send me some nice words then write to : christophe.kohler _ché_ numericable.fr (replace _ché_ by @)