July 2005

Few times ago, I was thinking about what the C64 has brought in VideoGame History. There are lot of great  games on C64, but which have been created for the C64 ?

After some researches (and help from the guys of lemon64, thanks), here is ...


  37 GAMES (and some bonus titles)

Armalyte (C64 EXCLUSIVE 1988 C64. Amiga and Atari game called "Armalyte" is not quite the same. Spectrum port started but never completed)

Attack of the Mutant Camels (ported on Atari and Spectrum)

Barbarian (aka "Death Sword" Palace Software 1987 on C64 and Spectrum. 1988 on amiga)

Bard's Tale

Beach Head 1 & 2

California Games (1987 for AppleII,C64,ZxSpectrum. Others ports later)

Castles of Doctor Creep (C64 EXCLUSIVE 1984)

Cauldron 1 & 2
(ported to CPC)

Creature 1 & 2
(C64 EXCLUSIVE 1990. Amiga and St port exists but not as good; C2 : C64 EXCLUSIVE 1992)

(1987 C64. Ported on Spectrum on 1990 under the name "Delta Charge")

(1984 Activision. Ported on Spectrum, CPC, Atari VCS)

Great Giana Sisters
(Rainbow arts. 1987 on C64, Atari st and Amiga)

HawkEye (C64 EXCLUSIVE 1988. Amiga and St port exists but not as good)

Hover Bovver
(ported on Atari and Spectrum)

IK+ (1987 for C64 and ZxSpectrum. 1988 for Amiga)

Impossible Mission (Epyx. First on C64 1983)

Intensity (ported to Spectrum)

KickStart 1 & 2 (ported on Atari; KS2 : ported on Spectrum, ST and Amiga)

Last Ninja 1 & 2 (C64 1987. After on AppleII and PC. LN2 : 1988 for C64 and ZxSpectrum. 1990 for Amiga Atari ST, PC and NES)

Maniac Mansion (1987 for C64, Apple2 and PC. 1988 for Amiga and Atari ST. NES in 1990)

Mayhem in Monsterland (C64 EXCLUSIVE 1993)

Microprose soccer (1988 Microprose. Ported on Spectrum, Amiga ,DOS in 1989).


Paradroid (C64 EXCLUSIVE 1985 Hewson/GraftGold)

Pirates (Microprose. C64 and Apple II same year 1987)

PitStop II

Raid over Moscow (Access Software 1984 on C64. 1985 on Spectrum)

Sanxion (1986. Remixed on Spectrum on 1989)

Space Taxi (1984 C64. Cpc on 1987)

Summer Games (1984 C64,PC,Amiga,AppleII. 1989 for AtariST,ZxSpectrum)

Turrican (1990 Commodore 64 Atari ST Amiga. ZX Spectrum. Others on 1991)

Ultima IV

Uridium (1986 C64 (Hewson/GraftGold) and Zx Spectrum. Bad AtariSt port later)

Way Of The Exploding Fist (1985 for C64 and ZxSpectrum)

Winter games (1985 C64,AppleII)

Wizball (1987 for all plateforms)

Zak McKracken (1988 Amiga, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS)



Bonus :


Archon (ATARI)

Arkanoid (ARCADE)

Blue Max (ATARI 1983)

Boulder Dash (ATARI)

Bruce Lee (ATARI)

Bubble Bobble (ARCADE)

Commando (ARCADE)

Cybernoid 1 & 2 (SPECTRUM 1987 on Spectrum, 1988 on C64 Hewson Consultants Ltd, C2 : SPECTRUM 1988 on Spectrum, 1988 on C64 Hewson Consultants Ltd )

Defender of the Crown (AMIGA 1987 Cinemaware)

Elite (BBC First on BBC Acorn, 1985 for Apple2, C64 and ZxSpectrum)

Fort Apocalypse (ATARI)

Ghost'n'Goblins (ARCADE)

Green Beret (ARCADE)

H.E.R.O. (ATARI 1984)

Jumpman (ATARI)

Matrix (VIC20)

Mercenary (ATARI)

Montezuma's Revenge (ATARI)


Rally speedway (ATARI)

Spelunker (ATARI)

Spy vs Spy serie (ATARI)

Wizard of wor (ARCADE)



The Heist