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The engine current version is 1.085

New NemoX 1.085 SDK added with 51 included tutorials


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NemoX Engine

   Here are Demos and Source Code For NemoX engine


                              This Demos on this page cannot be sold or used on any commercial project if you want to modify them contact me first. If someone wants to join the NemoX project contact me Here


New NemoX Download

21 AUGUST 2004     NemoX Engine 1.085 Runtime
The NemoX Engine 1.085 is out

 Download NemoX 1.085 Here (2.96MB)

Download this package if you want only Runtimes and engine system Files. So tutorials can be downloaded seperately on the project Section. Note you will need to Delete reference to NemoX 1.074 and reset them to 1.085 . go at the first NemoX tutorial to see how to use NemoX in Visual basic 6.



21 AUGUST 2004     NemoX Engine SDK 1.085
The NemoX SDK 1.085 is Bigger than previous 1.074. Because there are now 51 tutorials that show how to use any aspect of NemoX engine. Both 2D and 3D. Some advanced aspects are covered like decaling,Pixel shader,Physics.


Download NemoX Engine 1.085 SDK Here (13.3MB)



04 AUGUST 2003     NemoX Engine 1.074 Runtime
The NemoX Engine 1.074 is out

 Download NemoX 1.074 Here (1.64MB)


04 AUGUST 2003     NemoX Engine FULL SDK
The NemoX SDK is out, the SDK setup included NemoX engine 1.074 runtimes files , tutorials, tools.

 Download NemoX Full SDK Here (7.62MB)


Old NemoX Download


 09 OCT 2002     NemoX Cartoon Shading Demo
The NemoX Cartoon Shading features is very Easy to use in your VB DirectX 8 based Project. This Demo shows how to add silouhette effect and Toon Shade Mode to your Mesh with Real Time lighted Shading.

The Demo with Source Code included can be Dowload Here


 8 OCT 2002      NemoX engine Full Release Version 1.07
Here is the main NemoX engine. This time all the class members are in a single compiled DLL file more than 18 class for making quicky DX8 based game applications on VB. Tutorials will added soon tomorrow a Cartoon shading Demo will be Released.

DOWNLOAD FULL NemoX engine Here


 26 SEPT 2002      NemoX engine Collision Detection Demo with
This demo is an example on how to perform sliding collision detection along polygons or any face from a polyList.

It illustrates how to generate simple geometry faces to build a complex world


 26 SEPT 2002       NemoX Quake 3 Bsp Demo
This demo load a quake 3 BSP map and render it with textures and lightmaps now at this engine version only polygons faces are drawn.




 04 AUG 2002      NemoX 3d engine Demo
This is a full Demo that demonstrates how to generate huge and infinite landscape,walk over it.

The particle engine in action shows a Smoke effect with animation also a skybox defines sky environnment.

Look at the sky to check how the Lensglare affects the camera.








   3D Demos based on JohnaDX7 engine  




 23 MARCH 2002      JohnaDX7 3d engine with full source code
This is a full 3d engine with great landscape engine ,cool AABB colision detection,great particle engine,cool camera action... Now the full source code is include i'm waiting for your feedbacks


 30 JAN 2002     JohnaDX7 Halflife model loader demo
This demo of my 3D engine shows new capabilities like any  MDL halflife object can be loaded and animated New 3D sound engine complete rebuilt This demo show a land scene with and Helicopter flying over the landscape scene

 3 DEC  2001    JohnaDX7 Tank demo

Here is the New JohnaDx7 Engine Demo
this is a tank demo Now The sound engine is avaible and ok
is now possible to play sound effects and translate them in a 3d world.
The New Beta AI engine Show now how to force any vehicule to follow targets along a track .
Click to the ScreenShot to download The Full Demo with the Engine

if you have Download it from The planetSourceCode

Download the EngineDll missing Here


 28 OCT 2001     Johna 3d engine 1.02 Particle effect DEMO
Johna DX7 engine version 1.02
-New release on the 27-10-2001
-New collision detection class added
-Accurate collision detection with multiple bounding Bo
-a beta Particle engine added for creating snow,fire,explosion,smoke......and from any explicit texture

Get the Particle DEMO

 8 JUL 2001      Johna DX7 engine Version 1.01
  This is the first release of the engine
it supports Texture maping
 -Multitexturing with quick method easy to use
 -Terrain gererating with hight collision detection
 -Texture creation from JPEG,BMP,GIF TGA files
 -Directsound is support and Dsound3d
 -Direct music is support
 -light mapping in multitexturing FX tools method
 -Basic actor camera mov
                                                   -turn arround

Download the Demo and the  EngineDLL


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