News : NemoX engine 1.085 release is out. The SDK is available for download. It includes more than 50 Tutorials





NemoX engine version 1.085 is out  posted on 21-08-2004


                NemoX 1.085 is out with many new features like:

  • Environment mapping

  • Render to textures

  • Cube mapping

  • Bounding box visibility culling

  • Bezier surfaces

  • More accurate 2D graphic system.

  • Quake 3 BSP support with lightmaps, shaders, curves, PVS, and sliding collision

  • Progressive meshes (only .x models)

  • New Terrain system Faster than ever

  • .....

The SDK contains now over 50 tutorials that show how to use most of NemoX features.They will be uploaded very soon.

Download the FULL NemoX 1.085 SDK here or check at Download Section

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NemoX engine version 1.074 is out  posted on 04-08-2003

The NemoX engine was updated many bugs are fixed:

  • Rendering routines are 15% faster

  • Full Transform and light hardware Device integrated

  • New Camera system that allow quaternion Rotation (check Camera tutorials)

  • New Bspline path follower class (check Tutorial Here)

  • FULL NemoX SDK download is available

  • Complete rebuild of 2D graphic system.

  • New Bezier curve class.

See the 4 latest  tutorials  at the project page

Download the NemoX 1.074 FULL SDK here or check at Download Section

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NemoX engine  version 1.073 is Out  posted on 28-04-2003

 NemoX engine was updated to Version 1.073 many bugs are fixed now mainly automation errors. Now the Enumeration dialogue allows to handle with custom depth Buffer format. This will be useful for next Features to come like Shadow Volume...ect

3 New Tutorials uploaded they show how to load differents format Models, meshes like .x,.md2, .md3...just check out Projects section.

For peolple who want to make demos and tutorials contact ME

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NemoX engine is back with version 1.072  posted on 11-04-2003

                         NemoX engine is not dead even it's been several days passed when i updatet the site....Now my computer was a lil bit tired and it's reapaired now. So i can now continue my tutorials series.

Two new tutorials care about how to load meshes,models made with 3Dstudio and milkshape3D modeler check at the Projects section.

For peolple who want to make demos and tutorials contact ME

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Tutorial #8 uploaded  posted on 22-12-2002

Hello ...Guys maybe this tutorial will be the last tutorial for this year 2002. Since christmas is in few days, i guess that you guys are chilling out and relaxing......Anyway i Hope you a Merry Christmas...

Just forgot to tell you that the 8th Tutorial is out check it Here. It demonstrates how to perform sliding collision Detection with Meshes class. If you are new on this Site Check out the Projects section for all the tutorials.

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Tutorial #7 uploaded  posted on 05-12-2002

The NemoX engine was updated many bugs are fixed:

  • Load and render faster Quake 2 models with weapons

  • New Decal class added to draw quickly on any surface

  • New Dynamic Billboard class added to add new FX:explosion..

  • The mesh class renders only visible polygons

  • and many more..Download the engine here

See the New tutorial about Mesh class use at the project page

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Tutorial #5 and 6 uploaded  posted on 12-11-2002

Hello ...Tutorial #6 is online at Project section...NemoX engine can generate quickly and render fast Lensflare effects the lens and Glow Effect can be customized hugely.

A New tutorial has also been uploaded....NemoX skybox environnment Tutorial check it Here

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Tutorial #3 and 4 uploaded  posted on 06-11-2002

Hello ...Tutorial #3 is online at Project section...Now a new tutorial with use of the NemoX built-in MeshTool to generate Mesh and indoor level.

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Tutorial #2 uploaded  posted on 05-11-2002

Hello ...Tutorial #2 is online at Project section...

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 First Tutorial  posted on 04-11-2002

Hello ...Sorry for a so long time passed since this site was updated. Now the tutorials about using NemoX engine will be online soon. The First one is already availble at the Project section...

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 Full NemoX engine  posted on 10-08-2002
Hi peolple Now the NemoX engine is out with a big compiled Dll class. It can easily be used in visual basic in order to make cool games or any 3d applications.

Good tutorials will added  ,they will explain how to use the NemoX engine in the detailed and illustrated Projects section

The Features section enumerates all features and updates of NemoX.

The Gallery Section is emty now but it will be completed soon.

The Support Section will gather all help informations needed.

In the download Section, all Demos with source code included, are available for downloading.

Some good links can be found in the Link Section. For any suggestions,remarks or if u want to join the NemoX project , web designers,beta testers, 3d programmer are welcome. You can write me.

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