I worked on this comic projects since the end of october 2002 to the end of january 2003 with Laurent Galandon.

I had no many time to work before the "Festival BD d'Angoulême". We wanted to have some drawings to show to editors . I worked on caracters design and scenery (village, castle in ruin and forest), the storyboard of 5 pages.


Here some sketchs of scenery (made between November and December)

Inking of a sketch of forest...


Main characters

Here some sketches and drawings "more finished " among all those which I did between the end of October and the beginning of January.

Heroin : girl of 15 years old

Chief of the village and brother-in-law of the heroin

Monk soldier and inquisitor

Seducer guy...

Dwarf who is caught for a dog

Squetch of a roughneck soldier with horse

In Angouleme, after talking with editors and authors, we concluded that my drawings were not completely adapted for that kind of history. In fact there are a lot of scenes which are very hard and violent. But my drawings are not really like that. (I do not like to draw very violent things).
To force myself for the first book is not really a good thing. In addition, it would be a pity if the history was "softened".
Even if this project stoped, it was not wasted time because I learned a lot and allowed me to impove my skills.

Some pages of the storyboard : 1 2 3

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