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Programming in LISP (Common LISP): Miscellanea


    Selected extra examples, loosely related to the adjoining Course. French Comments. See Course for details about implementation dependency and Macintosh/PC versions. Some files have not yet been adapted to LispWorks and still depend on Macintosh Common LISP (MCL, now obsolete). This particular implementation is essential only in the case of files with graphical output (using MCL's QuickDraw library), and such files bear GRAPH and .MCL or .cl indicators in their names/extensions. Newer LispWorks files bear a .lisp extension.


An initialization file. Contains various utilities, and functions required by a few other files, either below or in the Course. There are some scarce LispWorks specific definitions. An alternate version can be found in the Course ( file), with some features specific to another Common LISP (Allegro) running under UNIX.

Around Ptolemy's Epicycles

Demonstration of Digital Filter Implementations

Cellular Automata

Elementary uni- and bi-dimensional two state cellular automata. The latter christened Game of Life by their inventor John Horton Conway.

GCD Based Measure of Tension of Chords

Neural Networks

Stochastic Library


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