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MSTS LGVMed in English:

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Clem Tillier's TGV Generation 1 (ex TGV Pack 2) project has been transferred to Projets ESK, see the announcement here.





New activities "Marseille-L'Estaque (TER)" and "SEI Inspection" are available on the Activities page. If you're a TGV driver, this will allow you to see things from another point of view…


Train Simulator Speedworks is closing. Thanks Clem for all your efforts, your superb realizations, and your help on the LGVMed project.





Updated "LGV Storm" and "TGV Race" activities are available on the Activities page.





A detailed update method and tips for activity writers can be found on the Activities page.





Updated FAQ and Activities pages.





LGVMed 3.0 is now available. Please check the following websites for downloads:



Size: 30.9 Mb


Don't forget to read the readme.txt file for installation instructions.

Have fun J





Some LGVMed 3.0 screenshots:


TGV on a viaduct in a 8000 m radius curve

TGV leaving Marseille St Charles

TGV at Ventabren





LGVMed 3.0 is currently under beta test and will be available soon.


On this map, you can see a section of the new LGV layout (green line), using 4000-15000 m radius curves, on top of the old one (black line) before signals (red dots) are moved. The distance between two consecutive signal clusters is 1500 m.


Here is a screenshot of the Ventabren viaduct reconstruction, and the new Marseille St Charles station documentation.





LGVMed 3.0 Xtracks version is coming soon.


The layout of the LGV has been reworked using Xtracks 3.10 high radius curves, restoring the original aspect of the route. This adds a lot of realism and provides a new driving experience!


Other changes included in this version:


- Additional smoothing of slope variations

- Curved viaducts (Ventabren, Avignon, more)

- Tunnel fixes (Vinsargues, Avignon)

- TGV station fixes (Aix-en-Provence, Avignon)

- Major rework of Marseille St Charles station area

- Revision of junctions and associated signals

- Signals, platform, naming fixes and more


Notes regarding activities


This is a major revision of the route and, because of the nature of modifications, it was not possible to keep it compatible with previous versions. LGVMed 2.1 has more than 50 activities, found on several MSTS sites, and most of them will probably not be rewritten. So, if you like them and want to keep these activities, I suggest you to keep LGVMed 2.1 in a separate directory and move between 2.1 and 3.0 as needed.


Note about Xtracks version


LGVMed 3.0 uses features only found in the 3.10 version, so this version of Xtracks is required.


Some work remains to be done, so please be patient…


        Old News



Please note that English is not my native language, so don’t hesitate to send me comments or corrections.


On the other hand, I have tried to give you translations of French terms and abbreviations, as they appear through the text. I hope you will not find this too boring…



At the beginning of this project, my priority was to build a high speed route which would allow us to run Clem Tillier’s TGV (see Train Simulator Speedworks) at full speed (300 km/h = 186 Mph).

Living in the South-East of France, I logically chose the LN5 (Ligne Nouvelle 5 = New Line 5), also known as Mediterranean LGV (Ligne à Grande Vitesse = High Speed Route).


This route opened in June 2001 and allows to go from Marseilles to Paris in only 3 hours.

For more information, see and TGVweb.


I started to reproduce this route using IGN (National Geographic Institute) maps that shows both the layout and the height of the tracks, and soon, I found myself with many switches that has been left behind and led into nowhere. I couldn’t resist continuing some of these other routes as well…


Finally, the most important to me is that you have a good time driving your trains on my routes. If this happens to be the case, my goal will have been reached.






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