Bone inlayed Banjo
#45  2014

The neck was made on a 10,5" old English rim. I wanted to do something simple like could have done an Appalachian musician and crafstman who would have wanted to make his own banjo with what he had. So I used bone for the inlays, which maybe was more easily available than pearl. I did it in a simple manner: square head, boat heel, simple scooped end, saw cuts instead of engraving on the bone inlays, inlays directly cut out of the bone plate (no drawing on paper first) and roughly and quickly positioned on the neck, oil instead of varnish.

But, of course, I am what I am, and I could not help from doing it with care and esthetic concern, having in mind, for the inlays, animals like bears, cows, birds. (it's not obvious, it's not realistic but it may remind of horns, claws, animal tracks or traps ...)

Steel strings, calfskin head.


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