Candy Jam at Bécours
#36  2011

On this banjo I used the same idea as in "The Candies Stroll", but this time the colored spots are not lonely any more but are interacting with each other in different ways. I would say this one is more optimistic and joyful...

This 11 13/16in rim is from an old English banjo whose neck was unusable (bent and too narrow). I made the neck wide and confortable with the string action set quite high above the fingerboard.

Bécours is the place where we have our annual Old Time meeting in France around Polo Burguière and Nadine Marinelli, two very good musicians and marvelous human beings. It is smaller than a festival and we want to keep it that way. Only 60 to 70 people (with children of course), making food, talking, drinking, dancing, and making music everywhere.


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