#31  2007

This neck was made on a Vega Little Wonder pot for a french friend who recently fell in love with 5 string banjos. How refreshing it is to meet such a nice and enthusiast musician, otherwise well known for his French Bagpipe playing.

The decoration is based on a quite classical pattern of diamonds, star and flower on the head,  in my own way of course. This pattern being slighly modified by making the flower's petals fall from the head. It is reminding of the little "love me - love me not"game played by lovers.  With the other inlays on the scooped end and back of the banjo, it could also be seen as different stages of  life, from youth to old age, spring to winter.

In France the "Love me - Love me not" game has a different  and slightly more complicate rule:  we say "un peu, beaucoup, passionément, ŕ la folie, pas du tout" which could be translated by: "a little, much, passionately, madly, not at all". The question being always the same...



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