All the works presented here are of dry black pastel on paper.

Photographic in style, they allow the white of the paper to shine through. I try to keep the observer in a silent, imaginary place, allowing him to dive deep into dark but transparent water, and play with his perception of the drawing using false perspectives.

And then, somewhere along a bend in the maze of virtual reflections, to confront him with slightly familiar landmarks... immateriel, dark-grey, velvety beacons of memory : a graphic memento left there between glances at the shore.

So I like to work about  future or neary destroyed buildings. The Light within can be either oblique, brilliant or even crouched over an abstract interior world. strange luminous effects pierce through architectural elements, reducing them to skeletal drafts.

That building structures create huge spaces where strange organisms can hide away.
On the outskirts, imaginary cities light up and then fall down. Uncompromising black appears again and then only a spectral fringe of light remains.

Through a monochrome and abstract means, and one that I hope is rigorous, it's an attempt to create emotion based on pure pattern and design. YLAG.