Comic projects

2006 : Work with Benjamin LEDUC on a comic project for kids.
Marie, a little girl, must help Glowoks to repaint their world. "Glowoks" is a comic for young children. She presents an imaginary universe, nice and fabulous beings. Heroin will have to understand this world and to help her new friends.

June/July : Comic project : adpatation of "Le Roman de Renart" with 4 other drawers.


2005 : Work with Vincent Méridian, on a comic project for teenagers. Timo. No editor found...^^"

01/2004->04/2005 : Fantasy universes need a lot of work, and I had my 2 first published jobs in the beginning of 2004. A lot of month to work on this project... "mixed up hearts" No editor found... T_T

03/2003->01/2004 : I worked with Le Grümph on a comic project for kids : Suzy . We didn't find editor for it... T_T

11/ 2002 : I started to work on a comic adaptation of a medieval novel with Laurent Galandon. But this universe was not very appropriate to me, so we left each other on our own side...

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